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When properly maintained, new portable air conditioners can be up to 50% more energy efficient than older portable air conditioning units (also known as spot coolers).   Portable heaters can also be a convenient, economical, and efficient solution to your heating and air conditioning needs.  For instance, apartment dwellers may only need to cool a small square footage, such as one or two bedrooms.  People with mobility issues may want a compact air conditioning unit that is easy to clean.  Or your home might have a “hot spot” that just never seems to get cool.  Perhaps your coworkers like their offices warm, while you prefer yours at a colder temperature.  A air conditioning system solves all of these problems in a cost-effective, space-saving way. 

Portable air conditioning units look like miniature versions of the large outdoor box used in central air conditioning systems.  Portable air conditioners usually weigh no more than 85 pounds, and are easily transported from room to room by wheels located on the bottom of the device.  Like their larger counterparts, portable air conditioning units UK utilize Freon to cool the air, which is then fanned back into the room.  The exhaust produced by the motor must be ventilated, which can be accomplished through a large hose that directs the air outdoors, into an attic, or above the ceiling.  A power source is also necessary to run portable air conditioners, so the units can usually be found pushed up against a wall or nestled in a corner, where they can run unobtrusively. 

In order to purchase the appropriately sized portable air conditioning unit for your space, you must first measure the square footage the air conditioner will cool.  Professional air conditioning contractors recommend buying a unit slightly more powerful than your space requires, so that you can run the air conditioner on medium power, or turn it up to high if you need quick cooling or additional power on a very hot day.  Portable air conditioners often feature the same amenities as their larger counterparts, such as programmable thermostats, remote controls, and even heating capability.  Obviously, the more functions a portable air conditioning unit offers, the higher its price, although it will still cost much less than a central air conditioning system.   For an even more cost-effective solution, portable air conditioning unit rental is also an option in some areas.

Like their larger counterparts, portable air conditioning systems need regular maintenance to ensure the efficiency of their air conditioning parts.  In portable air conditioning units,  air conditioning filters should be cleaned every two weeks by simply wiping away the dust and debris with a damp cloth.  Dirty filters restrict air flow, which is particularly important when a single unit is entirely in charge of your environment’s climate control.  Occasionally, your portable air conditioner might not cool as efficiently; after cleaning the air conditioner filter, check your system’s air conditioning coils for dirt and debris.  If necessary, scrub the coils with an old toothbrush, taking care not to bend the air conditioner coils’ fins. 

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