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Air conditioning systems operate by removing heat from a room, home, or building through a refrigeration cycle. This cycle depends on the systems' three main air conditioning parts : the compressor , the condenser , and the evaporator . The air handler is discussed on a separate page. Air conditioning and refrigeration units also rely on parts like the air conditioner filter to remove impurities and ensure the flow of clean air for you and your family.

In an air conditioner 's refrigeration cycle, the compressor squeezes a refrigerant fluid (also known as Freon) into a gas. This refrigerant gas leaves the air conditioning compressor through copper tubing and flows into the condenser , whose cooler temperatures transform the gas into a liquid. The refrigerant liquid is forced through a tiny hole into the evaporator . The evaporator's air conditioning coils changes the liquid back into a gas. This refrigerant gas absorbs the hotter air around it, and the colder air is then circulated through an air conditioner filter . The refrigeration cycle is repeated over and over by your air conditioning unit , until the air reaches the temperature selected by a thermostat .

Central air conditioning cools your environment by circulating air through a system of ducts and filters, thus allowing you to have one central air conditioning unit for your home or business. Portable air conditioning systems are more compact and less expensive than central air ; however, portable air conditioning units cool a much smaller square footage than central air , usually only one or two rooms. Because of their compact size and lack of ductwork , portable air conditioners are very convenient and easy to maintain, particularly in small spaces or for those who have mobility issues. Heat pumps cover all your climate control needs by switching the same unit from heating to air conditioning¸ then distributing the air through your home's ductwork .

Whatever home air conditioning system you choose, proper maintenance is required. Air conditioning filters must be changed or cleaned regularly, and air conditioning parts like the air handler and ducts must be checked annually to ensure adequate circulation of cool air throughout your home or business. Air conditioning filters the website can help you decide what type of air conditioner filter suits your system's needs, and how to select an air conditioning contractor to service your air conditioning unit. If you have questions about your air conditioning system or notice a malfunction, contact your local air conditioning repair person for more detailed support. Reputable producers of air conditioner units , such as Carrier Air Conditioning and Trane Air Conditioning , are also excellent resources for further information.

Before the winter months, you should also inspect your heating so that you are prepared for inclement weather; a heating contractor can guide you through this process. Some homes and offices depend on a furnace for their heating needs, while others employ a heat pump to manage both their heating and air conditioning . Since heating and air conditioning systems can use the same ductwork , it is imperative that you regularly maintenance your heating unit to guarantee cool air in summer, as well as warm air in winter.

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